We are an NBFC who believe in Inclusiveness and exclusivity. Our solutions are tailor made as per the requirement of our client.

Since 1986, we as a financial solutions provider have been actively catering to the needs of the rural and underserved and unserved communities in the country. First registered as Mid East Consultants Pvt. Ltd., on 11/04/1986, the company was promoted by Shri Kishor A. Shah – a man with a pioneering vision and plans for improving NBFC performance in India. One of his first contributions was the development of a Total Service Package for the NRIs that was put in place the same year.
In 1996, the Mid East Consultants Pvt. Limited was renamed as Montage Housing Finance Private Limited as the company shifted focus from financial consulting to retail lending. We made our First Public Issue in July 1996 and our equity shares were listed on the Pune and the Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges.
In 1998, as the company got more focused by offering the niche products and services that were integral for the empowerment of the financially weaker sections of the economy, it was renamed and re-incorporated as Supra Pacific Management Consultancy Limited, vide ROC Certificate dated 15/12/1998.
Supra Pacific Management Consultancy Limited continues to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, and we are now offering a wider range of reliable and effective financial solutions contributing to the upliftment of all sections of the society.
Chairman's Message

“The times we live in today can be divided into two – One before and during the coronavirus pandemic. And the other, that is post the coronavirus age. Such a split provides a more accurate picture of where exactly we stand in terms of economic growth and development. But more importantly, it draws attention to the fact that all our collective efforts towards progress in the past millennia, will most likely crumble at our very feet unless a revamped and a more flexible system is not put in place to initiate a recovery. As we know, our country is already set to recapture the lost time and is promised to make a stronger, more sustainable come-back. With just the right fiscal policies and technology integration to support the mainstream industries, rating agencies across the globe have given a very upbeat outlook for this resilient nation of ours.
But wouldn’t all of this be in vain if our progress as a nation does not trickle down to every last person in the country?
Since 1960, NBFCs have taken up the role of empowering the rural and Middle-Class India, giving them the foundation to dream, build and scale up their standards of living and revenue sources. Sixty years later, today, NBFCs like Supra Pacific have become such an integral part of rural upliftment, since sizeable population in the country depends on the services and products of NBFCs with regard to financial inclusion and income generation to households.
At Supra Pacific, we are constantly on the lookout for improved products and services that can cater to our wide range of customers across all sections of the society. Having identified ourselves as part of the key drivers of the Indian Economic Growth engine, we know that now more than ever, especially as the world recovers from a pandemic jolt, we need to come together to encourage our micro, small and medium businesses back into the mainstream and propel a sustainable national growth that trickles down to the grassroots.
After all, just a little Trust and a long history of Partnership can do wonders, if not perform pure miracles.”

Joby George

Our Vision

To make the lives better for the lower and middle strata of the society in our country, keeping their necessities in mind and growing together with them, by providing customer centric products and services at convenient locations and at affordable costs, through integration of innovative technology and processes.

Our Mission

- To support the financial needs of the retail segment with focus on Rural India
- To Empower the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Businesses
- To Generate Employment opportunities by supporting the scaling up of small businesses
- To support the country’s overall growth at grass-root levels
- To create an environment of Trust, Reliability and Accessibility towards the NBFCs in India

Our Values


Our Products and Services are easily accessible and will be made available to every section of society.


We believe in progress and development that is made sustainable only by empowering all our customers and stakeholders.


Apart from financial solutions, we offer Trust and Positive Dependency that not only empowers the economy but also encourages unparalleled growth.


All our products and services have been designed with scope for customization based on the needs of our customers so that it achieves maximum efficiency and produces measurable growth.

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